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Since 2008, the Orlando Insurance Store has been servicing Florida’s insured in every respect. Our founder and CEO Michael Grace has created an approach to insurance that is second to none. The concept of giving the customer multiple carrier options and combining it with excellent customer service so that the client understands their options, their coverages, and their final selection is the blueprint to the company’s exponential growth. Between the complex choices, providers, and ever changing climate in the insurance industry, the Orlando Insurance Store is here to help simplify the process, and help you adapt to any "change" that might affect your future.

We are a multi carrier, and multi licensed agency versed in life, health, dental, and every other insurance service that you need. There is literally nothing that our experts at the Orlando Insurance Store cannot handle. We have you covered no matter what type of insurance you are looking for, and our approach is simple. We take the time to develop goals and coverages that align with your family and your business needs. Not everyone requires a “Cadillac Policy” with all of the bells and whistles, and we understand this. For this reason, all of our appointments are initially one on one, in person or via a web meeting, and we encourage our clients to share their story.

Because we are the premier licensed insurance provider in Florida, we genuinely care about you. We have relationships with dozens of the most coveted and recognized insurance names in the nation. We do not have product bias, we ignore carrier commission bonuses for agent production, and we truly strive to place our clients in the most beneficial insurance products available today. There is not a better or more convenient way to shop for insurance in Florida. Try us out at the Orlando Insurance Store and obtain your free online quote today! You can also call 407-340-1010, or email us at, and we will be happy to help.

Orlando Florida Auto Insurance Company

The experts at Orlando Insurance Store are here to help save you time and money doing what we do best. We have access to multiple “A rated” auto insurance carriers, knowledge of their customer satisfaction and claims statistics, and we take a personal approach to finding out exactly how much coverage fits your needs while matching your budget. If you would like to browse the internet and learn everything there is to know about auto insurance we applaud your efforts. We also recommend that you start with the Department of Financial Services website for more information. (

But, if you are the type of person who thinks time is a valuable thing, a person that likes to let professionals do what they do best on your behalf, and person that values experts that are there for you when a claims issue or payment problem arrives, submit the quote request form on this page and let us help. Or, give us a call at 407-340-1010. Our agents will be glad to take your call.

Orlando Florida Home Insurance Company

At Orlando Insurance Store we have found that most people take a, "better to be safe than sorry" approach to Home Owners Insurance and Renters Insurance. Most people figure that they can simply over insure themselves so that it will make up for any lack of understanding on how their policy actually works. Yes, that does work, but what does that accomplish? Simple, it makes the insurance carriers rich collecting premiums on coverage they will never have to pay out on. Rather than overpay an insurance carrier, wouldn't you like to know how your coverage works and make sure you have the right protections in place for what you need? If you tired of padding an insurance carriers pockets by over insuring yourself for protection, and you would like to save money by understanding what protections you need, fill out the form on this page and request a professional quote from us, or call us at 407-340-1010. We are happy to help you discover a better insurance relationship.

Orlando Florida Life Insurance Company

We hold financial responsibility in the highest regard, and we do not sell anything that does not make sense financially or mathematically. That said, if you are still the type of person who would like to use a calculator, we are happy to oblige. Get a good understanding of how much you might need using our, “Determine How Much Life Insurance You Need in Three Minutes or Less?” calculator. There is no need to give us pages of your information, simply answer the five main life insurance questions and it will suggest a professionally conservative amount of life insurance for you. It’s that easy.

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Orlando Florida Health Insurance Company

Our goal at Orlando Insurance Store is to provide the best possible guidance in a constantly changing and emerging industry. We only do what is best for our clients and we would prefer that you call us for assistance, especially since there is not any cost difference between using an agent and signing up directly with a carrier. All quotes and rates are exactly identical by state law.

Still want to take time to shop for a plan on your own?

If so, be sure to check out our other helpful information pages that will help you in your decision. When you have questions we are here to help.

Orlando Florida Commercial Insurance Company

Purchase Liability Insurance for Your Commercial Business: No matter what type of insurance your business needs, Orlando Insurance Store is a full service agency that has you covered. Purchase Professional Liability Insurance, Errors and Omissions Insurance, General Liability Insurance, Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) , Workers’ Compensation Insurance, or anything else that a full sized commercial business might require. A big part of what your business insurance costs are revolves around the total risk that your company is exposed to. Get free risk analysis and advice from professionals that are happy to assist you by filling out our online quote request form on this page, or give us a call at 407-340-1010.