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8 Steps to Prepare for Obamacare

August 22, 2013  |   Posted by :   |   Health Insurance   |   0 Comment»

Source:August 22, 2013 By Angela Brandt Photo (cc) by 401(K) 2013 We’re about six weeks away from the opening of the state health insurance marketplaces required by the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare. Oct. 1 is when all those who can’t get affordable health insurance through a workplace — or aren’t eligible […]

How Do I Lower My Health Insurance Premium?

October 14, 2012  |   Posted by :   |   Child Rescue Network,Health Insurance,Pet Insurance,Real Estate   |   0 Comment»

by Michael Grace When it comes to health insurance premiums, there are a number of factors that are out of your hands, like age and health history. The good news is that there are a number of factors that you do have considerable control over. You must first understand what goes into the calculation for […]

Benefits of a Professionally Assisted Insurance Quote

October 02, 2012  |   Posted by :   |   General,Health Insurance,Pet Insurance,Real Estate   |   0 Comment»

by Michael Grace When it comes to insurance, cheaper isn’t always the best choice. Insurance is something that you should seek professional help with before making a purchase, just like you would seek a lawyer’s advice for legal concerns. Without the assistance of a professional, you may be left paying way too much for a […]

Do you want to see what Healthcare Reform is going to look like in 2014….. if it passes?

May 08, 2012  |   Posted by :   |   Health Insurance   |   2 Comments»

by Michael G. Grace – President of Orlando Insurance Store So you think you want healthcare reform to pass? You think it’s a good idea? Maybe you’re not sure….. Well let’s find out, shall we? ****WARNING**** THE SUGGESTIONS THAT YOU RECEIVE ON THIS PAGE ARE GOING TO BE FAR MORE BENEFICIAL IN YOUR DECISION MAKING PROCESS ABOUT […]

HSA Plan Rules and Regulations for 2013

May 03, 2012  |   Posted by :   |   Health Insurance   |   75 Comments»

by Michael Grace The new IRS rules, regulations, and requirements regarding Health Savings Account for 2013 have been released. The HSA contribution limits have INCREASED which is good news, however the out-of-pocket maximums and minimum deductible for a healthcare plan to be classified as an “HDHP Plan” have been INCREASED as well. Afterall, HDHP stands for […]

As of May 1st 2012, healthcare EXPERTS will not be able to help you get enrolled in a PCIP plan. Good Luck!

April 18, 2012  |   Posted by :   |   Health Insurance   |   3 Comments»

by Michael Grace So you think the government really cares if you get health insurance or not? If they did, they wouldn’t be canceling the contracts of every appointed agent that would have helped you enroll in a guaranteed issue PCIP plan option. Trust us, explaining these plans and getting someone actually enrolled in a […]

Cigna Updates Florida Medical Plans – effective June 1st

April 04, 2012  |   Posted by :   |   Health Insurance   |   10 Comments»

by Michael Grace Updates to Florida Medical Plans As of June 1, Florida Individual and Family Plan medical policies with an effective date prior to October 1, 2011 will be updated with new benefits. Cigna will be notifying your customers of this change in conjunction with their scheduled annual rate actions. Why are the changes taking […]

Healthcare Reform (aka “Obamacare”) Goes to the Supreme Court – Summary of March 26th -28th

April 02, 2012  |   Posted by :   |   Health Insurance   |   13 Comments»

by Michael Grace Health Reform Goes to the Supreme Court By Blue Shield of CA The U.S. Supreme Court heard three days of highly anticipated oral arguments pertaining to the Affordable Care Act (March 26 – 28, 2012). What is at issue? Challenging the ACA are 26 states that filed suits in the lower courts, […]

The Latest News On Healthcare Reform – Notice from Susan Fowler, VP of United Healthcare/Golden Rule Sales!

November 04, 2010  |   Posted by :   |   Health Insurance   |   9 Comments»

By Michael G. Grace, and Golden Rule If you have an Individual Health Insurance Policy or you Sell Individual Health Insurance this will affect you! The Healthcare Reform Issues Continue To Grow…. And we aren’t even close to 2014 Have you received a renewal notice from Blue Cross about premium Increases? How about United, Cigna, […]

The Latest News On Healthcare Reform – If you have United Healthcare/GoldenRule, Orlando, you may be paying more for your Healthcare after Aug 15th.

August 12, 2010  |   Posted by :   |   Health Insurance   |   4 Comments»

by Michael G. Grace Information provided by Blue Shield, and GoldenRule The size of your network could be increasing or decreasing depending on how contracts with hospitals are negotiated.   United Healthcare/GoldenRule of FL You may or may not have heard that United Healthcare is in a strong debate with Adventist Health System/Sunbelt (also known […]