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Cigna Updates Florida Medical Plans – effective June 1st

April 04, 2012  |   Posted by :   |   Health Insurance   |   10 Comments»

by Michael Grace

Updates to Florida Medical Plans

As of June 1, Florida Individual and Family Plan medical policies with an effective date prior to October 1, 2011 will be updated with new benefits. Cigna will be notifying your customers of this change in conjunction with their scheduled annual rate actions.

Why are the changes taking place?

  • To meet marketplace demands and state compliance requirements

What will customers receive?

  • Rate Action Letter
  • Benefit Modifications Flyer

What do customers need to do?

  • To keep their current plan, no action is required
  • To select a new plan, call us at Orlando Insurance Store so we can assist you.

When will they receive this notification?

Customers with:

  • June 1st  2012 rate action dates will begin receiving notifications 45 days prior
  • Rate action dates after June 1st 2012 will receive notifications 60 days prior to their implementation date
  • Plans effective on the 15th will move to the consecutive 1st  of the next month. For example, customers with a 7/15/2011 effective date,  will receive their benefit change notification 60 days prior to their  8/1/2012 rate action

How long will it take before all customers have received their notifications?

  • The change is in conjunction with your rate action  date, therefore twelve cycles of letters will be sent out before everyone  has received revised benefits

Click here to view a sample of the Rate Action Letter and the Benefit Modification Flyer

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