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Health Care Reform

Whether you have great health care coverage, mediocre insurance or are under-insured, healthcare reform will impact everyone differently. Understanding your options and planning ahead will help you be better prepared for health care reform.

Changes in healthcare reform are based on an “exchange system”.  Here’s an overview of exchange information:

  • Proposed legislation ensures health insurance eligibility regardless of medical history.
  • Modeled after working insurance exchanges in Massachusetts, health care reform is utilizing a series of Connector exchanges. The Connector is Massachusetts’ new marketplace for insurance.
  • The underinsured and individuals with moderate coverage will be provided a “bridge” or connector to span the gap between what they have at the reform’s new standards.
  • The Connector offers up to 8 different health care plans for individuals
  • 22 small group health care plans are available through the Connector
  • Options may include ancillary benefits, such as dental and life insurance
  • Plans vary by coverage and price
  • The number of plans and insurance companies may decline


Health care reform has yet to take hold, as the House and Senate propose and debate various solutions. The overall hope for the reform is that if properly structured, it will boost competition among insurers, decrease insurance costs among consumers, and increase the number of people insured.

At the Orlando Insurance Store, we do not believe that our government should mandate anyone to have insurance or fine them, but we do believe in finding competitive solutions for people who have pre-existing conditions, and in that regard we are committed to providing you the best insurance plans at competitive rates as we have done since the company was opened.