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Insurance is for Everyone

January 08, 2013  |   Posted by :   |   General   |   0 Comment»

by Michael Grace

When running a business, one of the first things an entrepreneur should consider is what kind of insurance s/he will need.  Every organization, from accountancy and healthcare practices to staffing and social service agencies, is susceptible to accidents and criminal activity. You may think the chances of your store being robbed or someone slipping on a wet floor are slim, however catastrophes seem to happen when we least expect them. Protect your organization, staff, clients and personal assets with business insurance.

Business insurance covers a range of situations, so you’re covered no matter what. Everything from fires and floods to on-scene accidents and poor decisions can be covered. Certain kinds of insurance are optional, while others are required by law. For example, if you already have employees working for you, your state may authorize that you may have to prove you have specific types of coverage in order to get a state or local business license. Alternately, landlords or suppliers may require you to have insurance as part of your contract.

It is important to determine what kind of insurance fits your company best, and to protect yourself and your business from against the worst.  One disaster could ruin everything.

Your friends at the Orlando Insurance Store will help you figure out which insurance is right for you and gain maximum protection for you and your business.