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Auto InsuranceThere are around two thousand auto insurance companies throughout USA according to the latest census and navigating your way through massive amounts of insurance carriers is tremendously difficult.

If you have been out on the web you already know that you can locate the “lowest cost” car insurance. If you are not sure how to do this, let us tell you. Simply find a quote engine on the internet, feed it a few details about your car, a small amount of your personal information, and it will quote you more cheap policies and premiums then you will care to read in a lifetime. Why would we tell you this? It’s simple, “lowest cost” insurance coverage is not “the best” insurance coverage, and certainly not the insurance coverage that will fit exactly what you need. Simply put, purchasing the lowest cost car insurance can be a financial disaster waiting to happen.

At Orlando Insurance Store we are not interested in finding you the cheapest or lowest cost auto insurance, we want to find you the best auto insurance. In order to locate the best auto insurance we must first ask  what makes up, “The Best Auto Insurance”?

Experts will tell you, “Insurance that is the correct amount of coverage, with easy claims submission, issued by carriers that have a proven staying power in the industry, anda  great customer satisfaction ratings are the best policies you can buy”. So, if all of those things make up the best policy, how many hours do you have to search the web and find it?

Think about that for a second… Even if we told you that, there are several independent organizations like A.D. Powers or Poor & Standards that can give you a full description of the carriers financial stability, would that make your search easier? How about if we told you Infinity, Allstate, and GEICO make up over 40% market share in the entire auto insurance business, would that help? Lastly, what if we told you that you could obtain mass amounts of car insurance information by visiting blogs and discussion boards throughout the internet? Is it fair to say that even thought you can easily find the cheapest car insurance, knowing the carriers claims experience, customer satisfaction statistics, as well as their future marketing agenda and staying power is a huge task unless you are dealing with auto insurance on a daily basis? Well, thankfully that is what we do for you.

The experts at Orlando Insurance Store are here to help save you time and money doing what we do best. We have access to multiple “A rated” auto insurance carriers, knowledge of their customer satisfaction and claims statistics, and we take a personal approach to finding out exactly how much coverage fits your needs while matching your budget. If you would like to browse the internet and learn everything there is to know about auto insurance we applaud your efforts. We also recommend that you start with the Department of Financial Services website for more information. (  But, if you are the type of person who thinks time is a valuable thing, a person that likes to let professionals do what they do best on your behalf, and person that values experts that are there for you when a claims issue or payment problem arrives, submit the quote request form on this page and let us help. Or, give us a call at 407-340-1010. Our agents will be glad to take your call.