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Orlando Florida Directors and Officers Insurance

In recent years, directors and officers liability insurance (also called D&O) has become a core component of corporate insurance. This coverage provides protection for the directors and officers of your company from law suits alleging improper performance of their duties on the company’s behalf. The D&O insurance industry has become highly specialized and new products are constantly emerging to the meet the needs of specific markets.


One way to think of D&O coverage is professional insurance for the management of corporations to protect their personal assets. Doctors, lawyers, accountants, and insurance agents carry errors and omissions insurance, so should company management.


D&O coverage is needed when: a board of directors is assembled to protect them and the company from lawsuits, expensive judgments, and costly ligation. It provides cash to pay for the attorneys defending them, regardless if they were negligent. It may even provide some defense of directors and officers accused of legal violations. It also can be extended to cover the company itself if it is brought into a lawsuit against its directors and officers.


Some examples of claims under D&O include:

• Employment-related issues (discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination)
• Failure to provide services
• Mismanagement of assets

*D&O does not pay for bodily injury or property damage. Our insurers will assist you in finding auto insurance, workers’ compensation, and general liability for such claims.


If your publicly traded company, private company, or non-profit organization is ready to consider D&O coverage, contact one of our helpful agents to find a plan that fits your needs.