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Orlando Florida Errors and Omissions Insurance

Insurance policies can be complicated and convoluted. Interpreting them and figuring out what’s missing can be extremely difficult, especially for an untrained eye. Most professionals and businesses opt for general liability insurance, although that leaves their professional liability unprotected and at risk. To fully guard your business and reputation, you need errors and omissions insurance.

Errors and omissions insurance protects your business from your employees’ actions and lack of action within the scope of their work. This includes contract performance, legal defense and claims against you (including court costs) up to the coverage limits, for professional staff, W2 and 1099 employees and subcontracted, regardless of their location.

Generally, errors and omissions insurance applies to banking, real estate, insurance and accounting firms, and they tend to compliment existing insurance policies.

Protect yourself and your business from careless or under-performing employees. In the event that a client elects to hold you accountable for a service you or your company provided or failed to provide, or a service that fell short of the expected or promised results, errors and omissions insurance will protect you and your reputation. The coverage extends to defense costs, settlements and judgements, even if found to be unjustified.

You’ve worked hard to earn a good reputation and grow your business. You’ve dedicated time and money to your venture. Now it’s time to protect what you have and its future.