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Orlando Florida Flood Insurance

As reported by FEMA, flooding is the #1 natural disaster in the United States. No matter where you live in Florida, you’re at risk for flooding from excess rain and/or damaged drainage systems. Hundreds of homes, possessions and lives are lost and damaged each year due to flooding.

Known for its hurricanes and massive rain storms, Florida is typically a wet state during the winter months. Sitting water ruins floors, furniture and personal items, such as computer equipment and electronics, books and photo albums, art and storage boxes’ contents. Protect your home and your belongings, call us today for a quote about flood insurance.

As your insurance expert, we will help you understand flood insurance and myths.

Myth: Home owners insurance covers flooding.

Fact: Most home owner’s insurance policies do not cover flood risks and they often state this in bold print on the front page of the policy.

Myth: Flood protection is very expensive.

Fact: Flood insurance premiums can be as low as $119 per year in FEMA’s Preferred Risk Zones. Outside of these zones, the insurance is generally not astronomically priced.

Myth:  Many home owners don’t think they are at risk of flooding.

Fact: Whether you’re near a beach or inland, your home is at risk of being flooded. FEMA identified various parts of Florida as at-risk for floods.

Myth: Flooding only counts if the streets are inaccessible and a square mile is un-walkable.

Fact: According to the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), a flood is declared when two properties are affected or two acres are covered in water.

There are two types of flood insurance: Standard and Preferred Risk

Standard Flood Insurance
  • Your building and its contents are eligible for flood insurance if your community participates in the NFIP.
  •  Standard flood insurance regulations indicate that building coverage and contents coverage must be applied for separately.
  • It’s often less expensive to obtain a flood insurance policy than to have to replace everything in your home.
Preferred Risk Flood Insurance
  • You may qualify if your home or building is in a low or moderate risk zone.
  • A single preferred risk policy covers both your home and its contents.
  • Many flood claims come from low-moderate risk areas

Don’t wait until a storm is coming or a nearby drainage system fails, protect your home and valuables today.