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Orlando Florida Motorcycle Insurance

Have you ever thought about the coordination and organization that’s needed to support a traveling motorcycle group? There are hundreds of planning and mid-trip details, and the management of these details can make or break a trip. Similarly, commuter and casual motorcyclists have a lot to think about when they ride. A few considerations include: fuel, road conditions, route, rain and wind, other drivers, and safety. Safety may be the biggest detail, although insurance should be close second.

Florida legislature requires motorcyclists to have motorcycle insurance, however the coverage is up to each rider. Motorcycle insurance is not the same as auto insurance. If you have a car or truck and a motorcycle, you will need separate insurance policies for each vehicle. Policies are based on the insured’s age, experience level, distance traveled to/from work and home, coverage levels, and more.

Motorcycle insurance covers a variety of areas such as:

  • Accident protection
  • Passenger protection
  • Breakdown protection
  • Replacement cost coverage

Similar to auto insurance, discounts are often applied to motorcycle insurance. Discounts are frequently given for:

  • Insuring more than one motorcycle
  • A mature rider
  • Renewals
  • Credit for qualified safety courses
  • Multiple policies from the same insurance provider

Motorcycle accidents can lead to great harm to both the rider and the motorcycle. Therefore, a special license, or endorsement on your current driver’s license is required. To qualify for a motorcycle license you must meet the following criteria:

  • Hold a Class E license or higher or meet the requirements for a Class E license.
  • Complete a motorcycle safety course, BRC or
  • Provide an out-of-state license with a motorcycle endorsement (except Alabama).
  • The following courses meet Florida’s motorcycle rider course requirements for a motorcycle endorsement:
    • Certificate of completion from an approved Motorcycle Rider Course, BRC. Check the Florida Motorcycle Handbook for a list.

Having a motorcycle or motorbike can be fun, although the appropriate cautions need to be taken, including obtaining motorcycle insurance before you ride. We will work to find you the most appropriate insurance with the greatest discounts. Our goal is to make sure our customers have the most peaceful state of mind when buying insurance. Come visit us to get the protection you need and deserve.