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Orlando Florida Renters Insurance

Few rental properties come with a move-in checklist, however they should and the first line should read: Renters Insurance. Have you ever heard the phrase, you like your things, so protect them? Renters insurance does just that. It provides coverage for your belongings, so if you’re affected by a crisis you won’t have to worry about the property.

Although renters insurance is not required by law, most management associations and apartment complex’s contract make renters insurance obligatory. Landlords often have insurance coverage for their buildings, however it does not cover your personal possessions. Renters insurance provides protection for your furniture and personal belongings whether or not the damage occurs while you were at home or away. A renters policy is especially useful in recovering losses due to burglars and bandits.

Renters insurance covers:

  • Fire and smoke
  • Flooding
  • Explosions
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Windstorm, hail, or lightning
  • Earthquakes

Your renters insurance policy also protects you and your family against certain injuries and property damage claims for which you are may be liable. In addition, you may be able to select medical payments coverage, which will pay for medical expenses incurred by a visitor who is injured at your residence regardless of fault. Legal defense may also be covered in the event you are sued after a covered loss, depending on your limits.

Moving into a new home can be a very rewarding experience. Make sure you protect your home and belongings with the right coverage.