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Orlando Florida Retirement and Annuities

When planning for your future, it is crucial to look at the long term. No one wants to run out of money, although many people do. A large number of elderly adults live on fixed income with a tight budget. However, had they planned differently and invested in annuities (then, retirement insurance), they may have more financial flexibility today.

We have learned from them, and advise our clients to consider annuities when planning for their futures, and their children’s futures.

There are different types of annuities. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to discuss each one with you and help you figure out which is the best fit for you.

Immediate Annuities
Immediate annuities are single-payment annuities that can last for a specific time frame or for the rest of your life. They provide a one-time payout that can be used for income during a specific time period. They do not offer growth or liquidity.

Income Annuities
Often purchased in a lump sum, income annuities are often used as a stable income during retirement. The income annuity pays a set amount each month, and it can be fixed or variable.

Deferred Annuities
Deferred annuities are often purchased while the insured in still working to ensure receipt of payment during their retirement. These annuities can be purchased with a single or recurring payments. It will begin payments starting on a pre-set specific date.

Fixed Annuities
Fixed annuities are great to build a savings over time. It offers a guaranteed and steady growth and the benefits of tax-deference. This annuity has a fixed interest rate and zero-risk of losing the principal capital. Often, fixed annuities for savings and to build a retirement fund.

These various annuities offer an array of investment options. Each one has advantages as well as disadvantages. In general, annuities are one of the safest ways to invest in your future, receive money right away and schedule income payments.