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Short Term Health Insurance

Short-term health insurance plans provide you with coverage for a “short” period of time. They are an ideal solution for people between jobs or those waiting for other health insurance to start. Short-term plans offer coverage up to six months, and with an extension plans may offer coverage up to 12 months. If you would like something for longer than 12 months then you will need a full Major Medical plan

The application process for short-term health insurance is extremely simple. As a matter of fact some are guaranteed issue and take less then 5 minutes to fill out and application. Short-term are NOT Major Medical health insurance plans. They are NOT designed to coverage for preventive care, physicals, immunizations, dental or vision care. They are designed for catastrophic needs like protection against unforeseen accidents or illnesses.

WARNING: Purchasing a short-term medical insurance plan will make you ineligible for any guaranteed issue individual health plans commonly referred to as HIPAA Plans. HIPAA plans are usually typically extended after all 18 months of COBRA coverage are exhausted. They are very expensive and are generally intended for people with pre-existing medical conditions who would have trouble getting health insurance. If you wish to maintain your eligibility for HIPAA plans, you should not purchase a short-term plan.

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