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Orlando Florida Umbrella Insurance

At the Orlando Insurance Store, we take liability seriously. This is why we offer umbrella insurance. The name may seem silly, but it makes sense. An umbrella is meant to protect from external forces outside  of your control just as insurance is. This insurance protects you when accidents happen and your existing insurance policies do not cover all of the expenses.

Umbrella policies can vary from to another. There are two kinds of umbrella insurance: commercial and personal.

Commercial umbrella insurance policies are similar although they cover business liabilities, beyond standard business insurance. Depending on your needs, you may elect for overlap between your existing business insurance policies and umbrella insurance, or you can use the umbrella to extend coverage to protect your entire business.

Commercial general and commercial automobile umbrella policies may overlap what you already have and provide greater coverage. Where as a liquor liability policy may extend your protection.

Personal umbrella insurance policies (PUP) are designed to protect your assets when you make a claim or a claim is made against you that exceeds the amount of your existing liability coverage. In other words, it provides protection from legal liabilities when your basic insurance is not enough. The major difference between PUP and commercial policies is PUP covers individual and family liabilities, and commercial coverage applies to a business’s liability.

A common misconception about umbrella insurance is that is only for the wealthy. Actually, umbrella insurance is one of the most affordable insurance products available. Known as one of the most effective ways to increase coverage while minimizing costs, umbrella insurance has gained great popularity among individuals, families and businesses.

Make sure you have a safety net to give yourself a strong peace of mind. Contact us today to find out how much insurance coverage is appropriate for you.