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Orlando Florida Garage Insurance

When people think of insurance, they often think of health, home and car related. This makes sense as who wouldn’t want to make sure their bodies and property are taken care of if they were sick or damaged? However, there is another type of insurance that people usually don’t know about: garage insurance. Garage insurance can be a business-saver, especially for those that work in the automotive industry as they run a higher risk than most of their vehicle or themselves getting hurt. This is why having the appropriate insurance should be a high priority for these kinds of companies.

Many different kinds of companies can benefit from purchasing garage insurance, such as:

  • Brake, oil and lube shops
  • Car washes
  • General automotive repair shops
  • Heavy truck repair shops
  • Mobile garage operations
  • Tire shops
  • Used automobile dealerships
  • Valet parking


At the Orlando Insurance Store, we understand that when working in a garage there is much to keep track of. Small businesses in the auto trade need garage insurance to protect them from a variety risks that could result in lawsuits leading to damaging allegations and financial ruin.

These risks include but are not limited to:

  • Accidents
  • Claims of negligence during repair
  • Injury for employees or for customers and passersby
  • Company owned vehicles
  • Discrimination claims


The physical and financial hazards of working in the auto industry can be extremely high.

While garage insurance does not cover everything, such as theft, you never know when an accident might occur or trouble with a client may arise, no matter how first-class the quality of your service is. Garage insurance could make the difference between staying in business or closing your shop and claiming bankruptcy.

If you are currently working or thinking of working in the auto business, then contact us today at Orlando Insurance Store to get the best deal for you and get your business going!


In most major counties garage insurance is not only recommended, it’s required.